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A poetic and sonorous universe that brings us closer to possible stories at the Cornellà pumping station.

Maquinaigües is an album of music made in collaboration with the animation group La Tresca i la Verdesca. The most emblematic spaces in the Cornellà pumping station serve as a starting point for letting our imaginations fly. Seven songs take us into the depths of the Llobregat river aquifer through the evocative power of sound. We meet some of the characters of the Cornellà pumping station and listen to songs that tell us of work, love, life, death and water… of a world in which the line between the past and the present is blurred and the heritage of the museum and the Cornellà pumping station is more alive than ever.

The lyrics of the songs reveal a little piece of the history of our water network. We follow the journey of the water, which begins in the depths of the Llobregat river aquifer, passing through the wells that take it up to the pumping station, from where it is pumped throughout the city, reaching the homes of the people who use it in their daily lives to drink, cook, wash, before it is released down the drains again, continuing its cycle.

Enter the universe of Maquinaigües


Enter the interactive virtual tour of the Museu de les Aigües to listen to the songs of Maquinaigües in the place they were created.

Access the interactive virtual tour of the Museu de les Aigües


List of songs from the album Maquinaigües

    • Aqüifer
    • Pou
    • Xiulets
    • Treballo
    • Negre
    • Blau
    • Gota